Residual Solvents

Residual Solvents

Let us help you to verify that the manufacturing process is not leaving behind harmful, unwanted solvents.

Solvents are any substance that is used to dissolve other substances to make solutions. The most common solvent is water, which is basically harmless to people and other animal life. However, many different solvents are used throughout the industry to dissolve or extract a variety of substances that have different chemical properties. The chemical properties of the solvent determine what that solvent can be used to dissolve. For example, water is a common solvent used for polar substances (molecules that have a charge or unequal sharing of electrons).

Each type of solvent has unique characteristics that can be advantageous in the manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries. One of the processes that utilizes these characteristics involves the extraction of specific components from a mixture. This is done by finding a solvent that dissolves the specific molecule desired without dissolving the other molecules. In this way, the desired molecule can be extracted from the entire mixture, isolating it for a desired purpose.

In the hemp and cannabis industries, this extraction process enables processors to remove the cannabinoids from the plant and concentrate them into oils for additional uses. Following extraction of the desired molecule(s), the processor must separate the solvent from that desired molecule. In doing this, small amounts of that solvent may remain in the final product potentially resulting in adverse or toxic effects to the consumer.

One Bond Laboratories can determine the level of residual solvents remaining within the final product and provide you with meaning behind the findings. Not only do we have the capability to provide you with the analytical data, but we can be your trusted resource in understanding what those numbers mean for your consumers. We will partner with you to meet the growing demands of your industry and help you to provide the best and safest product possible.